All Things Annual Lima

El Día del Pisco Sour


Celebrated on the first Saturday in February since 2004, the Day of the Pisco Sour is a holiday Limeños do not overlook. City-wide commemorations include weekend festivals and tastings. An online search of “Día del Pisco Sour” should yield what is happening and where.



Festival Jazz en Lima


With jazz ranging from swing to modern to Afroperuano, Lima’s Festival de Jazz attracts musicians from around the world to the Peruvian capital. Many of the events are outdoors with free admission. Follow the Asociación de Jazz de Lima for details.



Lima Food Week and Lima Restaurant Week

April and October’ish

Organized by Restorando and Atrápalo, respectively, Lima’s restaurant week continues the NYC tradition of dining at some of the city’s top restaurants at heavily reduced prices. Dates and details are not always easy to discern, so it’s worth checking local sites like El Comercio (in Spanish) and Living in Peru for more.


A pulpo lunch at Hotel B during Lima Food Week.




The most important art fair in Peru, Lima’s international art fair is curated by some of the most prestigious galleries in the Americas and abroad. Artist-led workshops and discussions are also held during the event.


Painting by Peruvian artist Jose Luis Carranza at ArtLima.



Craft Beer Sessions


An annual craft beer festival organized by Peruvian microbreweries, the two-day festival showcases favorite local brews and experimental winter ales, alongside food trucks and live music in Lima’s trendy Barranco district. Follow Craft Beer Sessions on social media for dates and details.



Lima Beer Week


Launched in 2016 by La Unión de Cerveceros Artesanales del Perú (UCAP), Lima Beer Week is a celebration of the Peruvian craft. The week-long festival includes talks, brewery tours, bar specials and other events.




Late October-early November

There is so much to say about Latin America’s largest gastronomic festival that we wrote a separate article on the experience. Go early, bring cash and do not dare eat before.


Peruvian craft beer at Lima’s annual gastronomy fair, Mistura. [Photo M. Pavkovic]


Craft Beer Fest

Late November or early December

The last craft beer festival of the year, Lima’s Craft Beer Fest is known for its local brews and live music.




For more religious and national celebrations, see TripSavvy’s list of annual festivals and events in Lima.


Last updated June 2018.