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What to Do During a Day Trip to Malmö

A day trip to Malmö is an easy getaway to Swedish charm, seaside saunas and the best falafel in Scandinavia. See what it’s like to wander Sweden’s third largest city, kanelbulle (cinnamon roll) in hand.



Triangeln Station

Malmö’s Triangeln Station is a billion kroner train stop fashioned after a bored rock cavern. It’s one stop before Malmö Central Station and is the perfect starting point to explore Möllevången neighborhood.


The stunning north entrance of Malmö’s Triangeln Station.



Möllevången neighborhood

Möllevången, also known as Möllan, is a colorful area known for its street art and multicultural residents. The neighborhood has a daily open-air market, a number of cafés and a small shopping center called Mitt Möllan. Don’t let the galleria fool you. It may appear dated but it’s home to some real gems; like Helgrose unisex wear, open-face sandwiches by Scandwich and some of the best vegan ice cream in Scandinavia.


The Cherry Bomb! sorbet from Köld in Mitt Möllan is made with cherries, Angostura bitters, basil and coconut. A mural by Colombian street artist Stinkfish near Möllevångstorget. And, the towering open-face sandwiches from Scandwich.


The daily market at Möllevångstorget has everything from seasonal berries to exotic fruit.


An artist paints the (legal) graffiti wall surrounding Folkets Park.


On the streets of Möllan.



Möllan and the neighboring Västra Sorgenfri also have some of the best cafés in Malmö. Among the favorites are Kaffebaren på Möllan facing Möllevångstorget, Spoonery and Söderberg & Sara.


Freshly baked breads and pastries from Söderberg & Sara.




Moderna Museet Malmö

From Möllevången head north towards Gamla Staden for Malmö’s Moderna Museet. The museum is an extension of Stockholm’s Museum of Modern Art and displays a small collection of modern and contemporary pieces.


Warhol 1968. On exhibit through September 2019 at the Moderna Museet Malmö.



Gamla Staden

Malmö’s historic district, Gamla Staden, is on an island surrounded by a canal and a 16th century castle. Highlights include Södergatan (a pedestrian shopping street), Lilla and Stor Torg, Sankt Petri Kyrka (St. Peter’s Church) and the Form/Design Center. Popular restaurants Bord 13, Bastard and Kockeriet are also here; as is Malmö Saluhall, the Swedish response to Torvehallerne.


The Apoteket Lejonet (off Stortorget) is an example of Renaissance Revival architecture in Malmö’s historic district.


Sankt Petri Kyrka is a 14th century Gothic church.


Day Trip to Malmö Sweden_Copenhagen to Malmö Kanelbullar from Lilla Kafferosteriet_Things to Do in Malmö

Kanelbullar from Lilla Kafferosteriet, a local favorite for coffee and cinnamon rolls.


The menu at Bastard changes daily. A cold plate of cured rainbow trout, cucumber, green beans and créme fraîche.


Evening cocktails at Folk å Rock on Lilla Torg, a popular vinyl store and café.



Disgusting Food Museum

The Disgusting Food Museum (DFM) is a reminder that one man’s haggis is another man’s wasabi-flavored Kit Kat. Or that one woman’s Musk Sticks is another woman’s escamoles. You get it. It’s all relative. Malmö’s DFM has 80 of the world’s “most disgusting” foods with interactive taste, touch and smell stations.


An ode to pork at the Disgusting Food Museum.



Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

The tired traveler should end their day trip to Malmö with a steam at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. The bathhouse was built in the 1800s and boasts stunning views of the Øresund strait.



More for a day trip to Malmö

A couple more to-dos to consider for your trip:



Getting from Copenhagen to Malmö

A round trip train ticket from Copenhagen to Malmö starts at 180 DKK (around $27). In Copenhagen, it’s possible to catch the train to Malmö from stations like Nørreport, København H (Copenhagen Central Station) or the airport. Don’t worry about a website to book in advance. You can easily buy tickets from the (red) machines in Copenhagen train stations.


There is a “temporary” checkpoint on the Øresund Bridge, so do bring your passport to avoid an unpleasantries. For more information on how to get Malmo by bus or car, check out TripSavvy’s guide for traveling to Malmö.



… And a few more tips

  • Malmö is a late rising city so don’t bother with the first train in. Also, most restaurants and museums are closed on Mondays. Visit another day if you can.
  • It’s easy to walk around Malmö, it is substantially smaller than Copenhagen. But there are rental bikes and electric scooters like Malmö by Bike and Voi Scooters around the city.