Marsaxlokk Sunday Market Malta Things to Do Maltese Food Pastry Cannoli

Marsaxlokk Sunday Market, the Maltese Food Hub

If you’re ever in Malta, a Sunday in Marsaxlokk is an absolute must. It’s one of the few experiences where the island’s best converge in one place. There’s traditional architecture, cerulean coves and, of course, Maltese food. Marsaxlokk is a charming little village that will not disappoint.



The village

Marsaxlokk is a small fishing village in southeast Malta with less than 4,000 residents. It’s the fishing hub of the island, and has been so since antiquity, providing much of the seafood eaten in restaurants and homes. The town is quiet with a strong sense that traditions run deep. Sundays are all about the market, church and a big family meal.


The colorful Marsaxlokk village.


Marsaxlokk Sunday Market

Every Sunday, the waterfront in Marsaxlokk comes alive for its fresh fish and produce market. Although seafood is undeniably the main attraction, there’s also Maltese breads, traditional pastries and ready-to-eat bites. The locals come early; tents are up around 7am, while the bulk of tourists arrive after 10am.


Marsaxlokk Sunday Market Malta Things to Do Fish

Shrimp, sardines and other fresh catches.


Marsaxlokk Sunday Market Malta Things to Do Maltese Food Cannoli

Marsaxlokk Sunday Market Malta Things to Do Maltese Food Pastry Cannoli

Traditional Maltese sweets. The date rolls and cannolis are heart-stoppingly good.


Marsaxlokk Sunday Market Malta Things to Do

Every toy imaginable for a couple Euro.


Marsaxlokk Sunday Market Malta Things to Do

A craftsman tinkers with a toy and imported fruit in the market.


Marsaxlokk fish market is only on Sundays. The rest of the week the waterfront is a tourist/craft market.



St. Peter’s Pool

Just one bay away from Marsaxlokk town is St. Peter’s Pool – a must post immediately, cliff jumping cove. The “pool” has some of the warmest (and bluest) waters in all of Malta. There’s even a small hut at the top of the ridge that sells beers and other cold drinks.


The cerulean waters of St. Peter’s Pool.


Buy some food (and water!) in the Sunday market and grab a traditional luzzu boat for a 30-minute ride from Marsaxlokk waterfront to St. Peter’s Pool. There are multiple boat companies set up along the waterfront, just look for the signs. A roundtrip ticket is €10.



Seafood Lunch in Marsaxlokk

It would be criminal to travel to Marsaxlokk and not partake in one of its famous seafood lunches. The strip of restaurants facing the waterfront all serve up local fares, from fresh swordfish and oysters to homemade fish soup and lobster linguini. Book a table in advance or arrive as soon as the eatery opens. By 1:30pm the restaurants are completely full!



Getting to Marsaxlokk

Basically, there are two ways to get to Marsaxlokk: public transportation (the bus) and taxi. I used a taxi, and more specifically Malta’s taxi app eCabs. The service was safe and reliable, and half the price of the street taxis.



… And a few more tips

  • You can easily do Marsaxlokk Market, St. Peter’s Pool and lunch all in one day. Just remember to secure a lunch reservation in advance.
  • There’s no set schedule from Marsaxlokk waterfront to St. Peter’s Pool. Boats depart when they have at least two (or four) passengers and come back at whatever time requested.
  • Bring everything you need – e.g., food, water, hat, towel – with you to St. Peter’s Pool. There’s no shade, no privacy and no guarantee that the hut will be open.