The Wilderness of the Southern Circuit

Mikumi National Park is among Tanzania’s lesser-known wilderness areas called the Southern Circuit. Thanks to low visitor traffic, an experience with the wildlife in Mikumi is extraordinarily intimate and uniquely private. Take a safari through Mikumi National Park in photos.


Photos by N. Pallesen.


Dry Season

The drier months make for strange bed fellows. Animals typically spread across the park find themselves in close quarters around water sources.


Buffalo with yellow-billed oxpeckers (top), a marabou stork (left), and white-backed vultures with an on looking impala.


A juvenile elephant, family of baboons, wallowing hippos and an onlooking warthog.



Wet Season

Heavy rains transform the arid landscape. The wetter months are a verdant sanctuary for young animals and birds.


Young lions.


A pair of lilac-breasted rollers, giant African millipede and a dazzle of zebras.


A greater blue-eared starling, dueling impala and grazing wildebeests.


A curious giraffe.



Photos taken by N. Pallesen during multiple safaris through Mikumi National Park.