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Winner, SAVEUR Blog Awards 2019 Editors’ and Readers’ Choice Best Culinary Travel Blog. Cincinnati, the awards host city, was a whole lotta fun. Here’s SAVEUR’s recap of where to eat, drink and hang in the Queen City and what it’s like to attend the SAVEUR Blog Awards.


SAVEUR Blog Awards 2019 Winner to what place Jaughna


Finalist, SAVEUR Blog Awards 2018 Best Travel Blog. For a peek into the awards, and why Memphis is one of America’s best culinary cities, check out the SAVEUR rundown here.


SAVEUR Blog Awards 2018 Finalist to what place Jaughna




“I hope to see cuisine narratives look less and less colonial; less ‘discovery’ and less accommodating to a Eurocentric palate.” Read my full interview with Gurd Loyal from Mother Tongue TV on food, race and authenticity.


Writer Jaughna Nielsen-Bobbit Interview Mother Tongue TV


Watch my discussion with international oyster sommelier Julie Qiu, on the highly coveted Danish Limfjord oyster. This interview was sparked by a piece I wrote on foraging for Danish oysters for the Copenhagen-based digital magazine Scandinavia Standard.


Around the World in 80 Oysters Jaughna Nielsen-Bobbit Denmark Interview Danish Oysters Limfjorden


Watch Scandinavia Standard Co-Founder and Creative Director Freya McOmish and I take the surströmming challenge. You can also read my article on the history of Sweden’s (in)famous fish here.




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Photography in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2021 Awards.



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