Chase's Cherry Mash Milkshake Recipe Chocolate Candy Bar

Meet the New Cherry Mash Milkshake

I was nearing the cashier when I noticed a section that I hadn’t explored. It was candy — boxes and boxes of classic Americana sweets. I had come to Galco’s Soda Pop Stop to stock up on sarsaparilla and other carbonated beverages, and had fortuitously stumbled across a treasure trove of mid-century confections. One package, in particular, caught my attention with its vintage red and white aesthetic. It was a chocolate bar… with a milkshake recipe. I grabbed a handful and put them in the cart.



The iconic choco-cherry bar

Chase’s Cherry Mash is a 100-year old sweet from St. Joseph, Missouri. It’s made with a quarter pound of peanuts, creamy milk chocolate and a maraschino cherry fondant. The company that originally produced the candy bar has that generational, father-and-son type story. It starts in 1876 with Dr. George Washington Chase, but his son Ernest was the real force behind Chase’s Cherry Mash.


The now iconic Midwest chocolate bar was first produced in 1918. For another generation, Chase Candy Co. was a premiere candy producer. Then World War II began and sugar was rationed during the global conflict. Ernest’s son sold the family business to FS Yantis and Co., who used the Chases’ sugar allowance for soda production. After the war, the American candy industry returned to full swing and FS Yantis consolidated to manufacture sweets. Today, the Yantis family still owns and produces Chase’s Cherry Mash. It’s considered the bestselling cherry candy bar in the United States.


Chase's Cherry Mash Milkshake Recipe Chocolate Candy Bar

Chase’s Cherry Mash is an old-fashioned American candy bar. It’s still produced almost exactly the same as it was in 1918.



Recipe for a new Cherry Mash milkshake

Before I knew that I was working with a Midwestern celeb, the recipe on the package had already won me over. Meet a modern interpretation of Chase’s vanilla ice cream-Cherry Mash ‘shake. Get your glass ready. It makes one cup.


Chase's Cherry Mash Milkshake Recipe Chocolate Candy Bar

A rich and creamy Cherry Mash Milkshake.




2-3 scoops vanilla ice cream
3/4 cup whole milk
Handful fresh cherries, pitted
Heavy whipping cream
2 Cherry Mash chocolate bars
Whipped cream and sprinkles (or chocolate syrup) for serving



1. Chop 1 Cherry Mash chocolate bar and cherries into small pieces. (You’ll want to make the pieces as small as you can, otherwise they’ll all sink to the bottom of the milkshake.) Add to blender with vanilla ice cream, whole milk and a splash of heavy whipping cream.


2. Blend until smooth. Adjust ingredients to taste. (To make more chocolatey, add a squeeze of chocolate syrup.)


3. Pour into a glass and top with whipped cream, sprinkles and remaining Cherry Mash bar.




You can substitute vanilla ice cream for cherry, or chocolate, ice cream instead.